Electric fences and business goals

I was out walking this morning and noticed a gate with coiled wire along the top – a couple of inches from the top rung. Behind the gate was a field, a shed and various pieces of (presumably valuable) machinery.  A sign on the gate read “Danger – high voltage”.

My first thoughts were “if a thief wanted to get past the electric fence, could s/he?”. I concluded they probably could with a bit of determination, perseverance and ingenuity. The thief wouldn’t see the obstacle (electric fence) but the reward at the other side.

I then thought about how, in business, we often contemplate the obstacles on our path to success rather than concentrating on our goals, the rewards achievement will bring, and how to reach those goals.

With determination, perseverance and bit of ingenuity, obstacles can be removed and the bounty won.

If you’re struggling with your business, if you can list countless reasons why you can’t do the thing that will bring success, if you’re on the wrong side of the fence, staring at the lighting bolt and “danger! high voltage”, you might be looking at the wrong thing, and in the wrong way.

Take a step back, some time out, and focus on your goals – forget about the apparent obstacles in your way.  As any obstacles arise maintain your focus and figure out a way round the obstacles.  With persistence and determination a way will be found.

The fence might not even be switched on.

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