Homeowners NOT facing €100 daily fines on property tax

On 27 February 2013, a leading national newspaper published a story claiming the homeowners face a penalty of €100 per day for failing to respond to requests for information about their property from Revenue. This is very inaccurate. Actually, it’s totally incorrect. The section referred is Section 151(5) Finance (Local Property Tax) Act, 2012.  Here’s…

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The end is nigh…of the month – accounts monthly checklist

Month end routine to keep your accounts in order The end of the month is natural financial reporting point.  Here’s an accounts monthly checklist of what you need to be doing to keep on top of your accounts, manage your cashflow and keep your accountant happy. Accounts monthly checklist: Prepare, CHECK, authorise and pay wages…

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Water leaks, insurance claims and internal audit


How your accountant can add value with internal audit I missed a call from the agent who manages a rental property for me. The call was quickly followed by a text with the dreaded message: call me urgently. Gulp. I called immediately. I learned that there had been a leak that morning which has left…

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